is Brighton's best health center all about?

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We Teach

We Teach

We Teach


how to be

  • in control of your body

  • responsible and accountable

  • in the best shape of your life

  • wise with your nutrition

  • happy and proud of yourself

and just how to have damn fun in the gym!

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Your typical gyms just care about memberships, but we care about members. You deserve health and fitness professionals who give you time and integrity!


workout with us

we'll take care of you

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Custom food, macro and micro nutrition plan to help you attain your goals on your terms.


Custom coaching to help you attain your goals all from your phone. Your gym or ours!


workout, nutrition, stress mitigation, sleep habits


Workshops and seminars backed by science

Hiitbox is more than a gym, and more than a community. Hiitbox is a movement.

We embody care, learning, and pioneering personal development to build up good people

Amazing instructors, a good class selection and schedule, very clean and a lot of equipment options. Childcare is excellent and clean as well. Everyone is very friendly, which makes it such a pleasure to go! The workouts are great and can definitely be altered to whatever fitness level you’re at or whatever your goals are.

Lauren M.

“HIITcamp is a great way to get outside and work out with your friends and meet new people. Whether you’re just getting back into shape or have been at it for awhile, Adam makes sure everyone gets a great workout! If an exercise is too hard or you can’t do it yet, Adam is right there to not only tell you what to do but will also show you.
I started working with Adam when I was at the end of rehab on my hip. We started off very slow. He has helped get the strength back in my hip and I’m doing everything I loved doing before my surgery.”

Jesika O.



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