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Client Focused

Gyms around the nation are notorious for manipulating their members for profit. HIITBOX is driven by a different business model - caring for and encouraging fitness development amongst its members. As a locally owned small business, it’s not limited by franchise rules that dictate harsh and illogical business decisions. HIITBOX is blazing new trails in how gyms can and should care for its customers and promote health in its community.

All About Education

Fitness is more than executing a certain lift. It’s behavior change and learning. Efficiency is a function of knowing the shortest path from Point A to Point B, and HIITBOX is constantly learning and sharing peer-reviewed, evidence-based health and fitness knowledge to equip minds toward excellence in that efficiency. These principles resonate with the HIITBOX staff just as powerfully as with the HIITBOX members.

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Cutting Edge

Other gyms are stagnant and recycling outdated gym traditions and gym culture style. HIITBOX is uplifting to its members, and also to the entire industry. HIITBOX is a leader to all. This isn’t just a company, it’s a movement. HIITBOX is redefining the health and fitness industry.

Meet The Team


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